Coaching testimonials


Want to know what coaching clients have said about working with me?

If you’d like to explore working with me as a coach, you’ll want to know how others have found the experience. Here are reflections from some of the clients I’ve worked with

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“I have known Alison as coach for several years working with a wide variety of people both academics and non-academics. Her holistic approach to coaching has supported many people in achieving the changes or aims that they wished to make in their lives. When speaking to Alison, you know she is listening deeply to understand and she cares.”

Peter Sykes, Staff Learning & Development Partner, University of Manchester

I am a practising coach and manager in Higher Education and Alison has provided coaching for one of my direct reports. She is a professional in every sense of the word, showing a commitment to coaching and her clients via her practice and a commitment to the profession through her writing and blogs. I would not hesitate to recommend her to those interested in being coached, developing their team or for coaches who are interested in reading for their own development.”

Emma, University of Manchester

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“Alison guided me through the various projects, discussing matters in a much deeper level, streamlining my thought processes. During this journey, her expertise and knowledge were truly inspiring. I can’t thank her enough, not only for her professional knowledge, wisdom and support, but also her personal and professional ability to actively listen, presenting strong emotional intelligence which helped me in my professional career. I would highly recommend Alison to any individual seeking career guidance, or personal or professional support to develop strategically through on-going changes they face. Ultimately Alison helped me to address my personal and professional values, by viewing them as two separate entities that fuse together, which has underpinned my current professional career as a social purpose educator and project coordinator.  I am now not only able to do my job, but recognise I am doing a job I truly love. Thank you Alison!”

Robina (Ruby) Begum, FE/HE Educator & Project Coordinator

“Thank you Alison for my coaching sessions. I always enjoyed our meetings, you have a gentle, relaxed manner which made me feel comfortable talking to you in an honest and open way.  The questions that you asked  helped me to think about my issue objectively and proved a successful method of identifying the real source of my problem. After my coaching sessions I felt much more in control of what I had to achieve and empowered to tackle my issues.”

Library Assistant, University of Manchester Library

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“It was easy to talk to you, and I felt the decisions have all been my own. I felt I was listened to and encouraged to think through pathways forward. I never felt a solution was forced upon me. The thing I have taken most from the coaching sessions is the hardest to put into words. I now have a stronger sense of myself and my role. Now I feel confident, and confident in many ways: confident to work how I work and at my own pace and be aware of external pressures in advance. Overall, I have developed a confidence to be myself in work and I have developed my own style of professionalism.”

Dr Hannah Lennon, Research Associate, School of Medical Sciences, University of Manchester

“I found your non-judgemental and extremely considered approach very welcoming. I was very nervous about the whole idea of coaching to start with but knew I needed to tackle the difficulties that had developed… I felt that you offered reassurance from the start which made it easy to open up to you…”

Karen, Student Support & Services, University of Manchester

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“I have found Alison to be an extremely thoughtful coach, in particular her ability to give space in the conversation for me, and for herself, to process the issues we’re talking about. It makes me feel very relaxed and focused, and encourages me to delve deeper into my brain than usual. I can’t quite put my finger on how she does it (!) but my coaching conversations with Alison feel qualitatively different from those I have had with some other coaches, where I have felt slightly rushed or as though the coaches themselves are rushing through the process or to solutions before I’m ready. I do think this exploratory approach stems from her background in historical research and an open-minded curiosity and understanding that everything is a matter of subjectivity and interpretation. As someone with a similar mindset her approach works very well for me…”

Hannah Niblett, University of Manchester Library

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