The importance of understanding the impact of values in coaching

There’s more to coaching relationships than sitting in a room exchanging views. That might sound like stating the obvious, but if you think about it, it’s quite profound. What are the factors that make coaching relationships and conversations different to sitting about chatting with a friend?

the word 'values'Let’s face it, when we coach we actually do just sit in rooms (or use some other conducive environment) having conversations with people. Hopefully we talk quite a bit less than them, but the top and bottom of it is we’re merely interacting with someone else. But that’s not the whole story. Coaching conversations should be on a different level to chatting with a friend, even a best friend who knows someone very well.

Coaching is about empowering coachees, facilitating their ability to tap into their own wisdom to find optimal ways of moving forward. The coach therefore has a duty to manage all aspects of the coaching relationship so that the chances of success in that endeavour are maximised. We’ve already looked into why we need to think about ethics in coaching. This time I’ll be focusing on values.

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