Hello, and welcome to my blog! 

My name’s Alison Newby, and I’m an ILM-qualified internal coach and historian in one of the largest universities in the UK. That’s an unusual combination, but to me ‘coach’ and ‘historian’ are two sides of the same coin.  In both capacities I listen and observe keenly, deal in narratives which combine ‘facts’ and perceptions, and do my best to be scrupulously faithful to and reflect back the sources. You can find out more about my coaching approach here.

I’m also enthusiastic to stretch my horizons by trying new ways of doing things. I act as a Lead on the committee of the Staff Development Forum’s #coachingHE Tweetchat – a developmental social media-based CPD tool and community for coaches working in UK Higher Education.

One of my skills as a historian is writing entertaining yet academically sound copy (a selection of which you can view here), and as I delve deeper into coaching practice, I’m intending to do the same for coaching. Hence this blog!

I’m adamant that complex things can be presented in simple yet profound ways. In this blog I’ll be tinkering around recording my thoughts and reflections, as well as putting together a database of information and tools I think are important for coaches to consider – and of which coachees would do well to be aware.

With time and patience, I hope to build up here in this space a ‘repository’ of ideas, facts, tools, inspiration and fascination that anyone, coach or non-coach, will enjoy perusing.

So drop in any time, and do get in touch to say hello. Your views are more valued here than mine!