Hello and welcome! 

You’ve reached the blog and web pages of Dr Alison Newby, ILM-qualified coach and Honorary Research Associate at the University of Manchester in the UK

First things first. As well as being a coach, I’m a historian – an unusual combination. For me ‘coach’ and ‘historian’ are two sides of the same coin, with the skills being (perhaps surprisingly!) the same. In both capacities I listen and observe keenly, deal in narratives which combine ‘facts’ and perceptions, and do my best to be scrupulously faithful to and reflect back the sources as I find them. This is the basis of how I coach, and you can find out more about my coaching approach here.

Being a historian doesn’t mean being stuck in the past! I’m enthusiastic to stretch my horizons by trying new ways of doing things. I’m therefore pleased to act as a Lead on the committee of the Staff Development Forum’s #coachingHE Tweetchat – a developmental social media-based CPD tool and community for coaches working in UK Higher Education. You can read more of my thoughts on this here.

I’ve also been voted onto the General Assembly of the University of Manchester, an ideal vantage point from which to deepen my insight into how the organisation works, as well as the pressures and opportunities it faces moving into the future. Understanding aspects of client context can be key to successful coaching, so I’m privileged to enjoy this opportunity to enhance my understanding of the wider Higher Education landscape.

One of my skills as a historian is writing entertaining yet academically sound copy, which I currently deliver for the Centre in which I’m based. You can view a selection here. As I delve deeper into coaching practice, I’m doing the same for coaching on my blog. My writing appears in other places too, including the Staff Development Forum blog and the International Coach Federation’s Coaching World.

Complex things really can be presented in simple yet profound ways. My blog is intended to be a ‘repository’ of ideas, facts, tools, inspiration and fascination that anyone, coach or non-coach, will enjoy perusing.

Drop in any time, and do get in touch via the Contacts page to discuss my writing and coaching activities, comment on any of the issues raised on the blog – or just to say hello! I’ll get back to you …