Taking time out over the festive season…

It’s the middle of December, and here in the northern hemisphere the shortest, darkest days of winter are upon us. It can seem a long haul to reach spring, having left the warmth of summer far behind.

Snow, fir trees and Christmas baubleSome of us may be looking forward to winding down over the festive season, taking some time out to reflect on the year that has just passed and the year that is to come. We’ve touched on the importance of being a reflective coach on this blog before, as well as the need to temper this reflective work with self-compassion if we are to take care of ourselves with the same degree of empathy that we strive to offer our coachees. 

This time all I’d like to do is remind us to reflect realistically and honestly about what we’ve done in the past year, whilst encouraging ourselves to be patient with our frailties, with the things we may feel we could have done better. If and when we go about planning goals for ourselves to work towards in future months and years, I’d wish for us to set ourselves up for success by distinguishing clearly between our dream goals, end goals, performance goals and process (or work) goals. Taking time to tease this out will ensure our goal setting is transformative rather than disillusioning.

Yes, the shortest, darkest days of winter are upon us. In amongst the twinkling lights of the festive season, we have a wonderful opportunity to take stock and be kind to ourselves as we approach the turn of another year. Be compassionate and kind to yourselves as well as others. Being mindful of our own frailties can help us be more patient with those of others too…

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